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  • No flake formula
  • Adds lots of shine
  • Designed especially for Wash n’ Go styling
  • Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Amla Extract , Shikakai Extract, Vegetable Glycerin and Vitamin E.
  • THIS IS A MUST! Apply As I Am® Leave-In Conditioner liberally to just-cleansed hair before applying the Coil Defining Jelly. You may elect to use As I Am® Detangling Conditioner instead, which is also a leave-in. It is a richer formulation, so take care not to overapply it. If after detangling with the Detangling Conditioner, you feel that a little too much is on your hair, briefly rinse to remove excess. Using our one of our leave-ins is essential for a softer, flake-free finish.
  • Apply product liberally to small sections, to very wet hair. (Do not towel dry your hair after cleansing and conditioning.) When an adequate amount of product is applied, the section should feel very slippery to the touch and slide very easily between your thumb and forefinger as you smooth the product down the hair section.
  • Take care not to over-apply because it will prolong drying time, (which is already lengthy due to the type of natural ingredients in the formula). Also, too much product can leave sticky clumpy droplets on the hair and cause eventual flaking.
  • Whatever your application method, the Coil Defining Jelly must be worked well into the hair sections as you apply. Sliding sections several times between your thumb and forefinger, from root to tip, or "raking" larger sections of your hair, using your fingers as the rake, will form the definition of your coils and curls.
  • As you apply the Coil Defining Jelly, arrange the hair sections in the position where you would ultimately want your hair to be positioned. For instance, if you want a side parted style, place the sections of hair in that direction as you apply the Coil Defining Jelly.
  • SUPER IMPORTANT! After the application process is complete, do not touch your hair before it is completely dry! If you do, your hair may frizz and some of your definition may be lost! It's best to style your Wash n’ Go early in the day, and then allow it to air dry. Don't worry, the look you'll get when the product is applied looks glossy and well-defined. If you don't have the luxury of time or if the climate is cold, dry with a hood dryer, on the low setting.
  • Once the hair is completely dry, feel free to fluff it (gently) to achieve your desired look. The more you manipulate the hair, the fuller it gets, so finger fluff more where you want fullness. Fluff little or not at all where you want flatter areas. Once hair has been fluffed, it won't return to the original flattened alignment until you re-wet and re-style your hair.
  • Too much manipulation will result in frizz and loss of coil definition. Even after your hair is dry, refrain from disturbing your well defined coils, spirals or curls, particularly on the ends of your hair.
  • On the days after you've styled with the Coil Defining Jelly, you may apply As I Am® Moisture Milk, DoubleButter® Cream, CocoShea Whip or CocoShea Spray for softness, moisture and sheen. If you notice any flakes, scrunching in a little of any of these hydrators should do the trick.
  • Always secure your hair beneath a satin bonnet when you sleep. It will eliminate abrasion damage and keep your style looking good longer.
  • Finally, don't be afraid of water. It's now your friend! If a section looks a little frizzy on the ends, dampen your forefinger and coil the ends around your finger to create a spiral. Watch how your own beautiful coils bounce back into alignment. Now, let it dry, without touching it while damp.

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