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Handmade Cap Wigs


Our top quality Handmade CapWigs are made onto a soft stocking cap for your comfortable snug fit, using keratin glue, no worries about latex glue allergy.  We have been making our capwigs for more than 15 years and these long experience gave us our special know-hows to make the wigs more comfortable, beautiful, stylish and still suitable for everyday wear.  Our capwigs are durable, odorless, non-sticky, washable and capable to restyle, of course you can take it off at anytime you want.

For those who are not sure what capwigs are, let me explain a little more.  When you bring in weaving hairs to a hair salon, the hairdresser will make a wig on you and it's called a capwig.  Our capwigs are premade for sale.  The most benefit you get out of buying our premade capwig would be time saving from waiting and sitting at the salon while it's being done, plus we customize it to the way you want.  Normally if you place an order today, it's ready by next day or same day if you order before 11am.  Now you can get a salon quality capwig you want without wasting your valuable time.  

You can simply pick out a style you want from what we have made already or you can describe us a style you like to be done by sending us a picture for example. Customer satisfactions on our capwigs are very high and our loyal customers have been told us that they always feel like they had their hair done from a salon once they wear our capwig

For utmost natural look, we also make capwigs using a Lace Frontal piece or an invisible Lace Part attached.  It's available at the store now and also our online store as well.  If you have any question, please feel free to send us a message. We're always ready to help you.

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